Tornado CK 3030 Wide Area Vacuum

  • 2,99500
  • Save $35500

Outstanding clean-air performance, in a durable operator-friendly machine


  • The handle can be adjusted for operator comfort
  • Brush height adjustment
  • The CK 3030’s handle folds down and the unit can stand on end for storage
  • Ergonomically-designed handle with cushioned grips and safety switch are standard
  • Four stage clean-air filtration

    If you are challenged with maintaining large carpeted areas, the 30” CK 3030 Wide Area Vacuum delivers unmatched vacuuming performance. High-efficiency cleaning performance, clean-air filtration, and a host of operator-friendly features make this the perfect unit for malls, airports, hotels, convention centers, department stores, and hospitals.

    The CK 3030 delivers uncompromising cleaning power in a truly user-friendly package. Two high-efficiency vac motors provide 224 cfm, while a four-stage clean-air filtration system removes the finest of particles. The 1,170 rpm brush loosens deep down dirt and revives carpet pile that gets compressed in high traffic areas. Robustly designed and constructed of rotationally-molded plastic, the CK 3030 stands up to the everyday rigors faced by today’s cleaning and maintenance professional. Features include five-position brush height adjustment, stainless steel brush shoe, deadman’s safety switch, and large rear wheels for effortless transport.


    FOUR STAGE CLEAN-AIR FILTRATION Stage 1: Enclosed within the rotationally molded housing is a disposable paper filter bag, making disposal and replacement clean and efficient.

    Stage 2: For added filtration Tornado used a bag-in-bag design. The paper filter is enclosed within a durable, reusable cloth filter bag.

    Stage 3: Each of the two vac motors is fitted with an intake filter for a third stage of filtration.

    Stage 4: A high-performance filter cartridge is located at the motor exhaust, ensuring clean-air performance. The combined efficiency of these four stages of filtration delivers clean-air performance that will reward you with cleaner carpets and healthier environment

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