Quick Kleen® Uprights: SC888K, Bagged

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12" Brush, Bagged system, for carpets only. 2 Year warranty

Ideal for hotels, restaurants, education, government institutions and building services. 

This super power full and heavy duty upright is for all kinds of carpet cleaning. This unit takes disposable paper bag type ST. Using disposable paper bag makes the maintaining a vacuum much easier. Operator doesn't have to clean the cloth bag. Sticky dirt won't make a mess on the containers or buckets. It is also healthier for the operator.

Super Durable and dependable, the Sanitaire SC888 K is the perfect combination of user convenience and quality cleaning. Although still part of the Quick Kleen series from Sanitaire, the SC888-K has several key features that are not found in the other vacuum models. One of these features is the CRI Green Label that you will find stamped on the vacuum cleaner. The CRI Green Label is more commonly found on the Quiet Clean series, Sanitaire’s higher-end collection that offers CRI-certified models that meet all LEED requirements. But if you want the Quick Kleen features but need a CRI-certified model, then the SC888-K is the perfect choice for you.

Benefits for the SC888K Commercial upright Vacuum

  • While the other Quick Kleen models are designed for light cleaning and vacuuming, the SC888-K is the model that’s equipped with an allergen filtration feature. So if you are looking for the user-friendly features of the Quick Kleen models but want an allergen filtration , the SC888-K is your best choice. The SC888-K’s filtration system is called the Micron Filter system, which can retain up to 99% of pollens and dust. This allergen filtration system makes the SC888-K an ideal choice for the commercial hospitality industry where it is important to uphold high standards of cleanliness.
  • The Sanitaire SC888-K is surprisingly lightweight at just 16 lbs. compared to the 17.5 to 18 lbs. of other Sanitaire vacs.
  • The clear material used for the motor fan at the base of the vacuum cleaner helps you gauge whether your vacuum requires servicing. The fan chamber is also easy to remove to make maintenance easy as well.
  • You can choose from 6 different heights when adjusting the vacuum cleaner to match the surface being cleaned. If you are cleaning low pile carpets, you can set it at medium height. If you are cleaning high pile carpets, you can choose the height that can best accommodate the thickness of the carpet.
  • The large easy-roll wheels and the vinyl bumper show that the Sanitaire 888 is designed for easy navigation and mobility to make it easier for you to move around while cleaning.
  • The Sanitaire SC888-K takes disposable bag type ST. 

Green Label Approved - The Sanitaire SC888-K is a Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Green Label approved vacuum made to satisfy any job requiring a higher level of filtration. The CRI Green Label signifies a superior cleaning vacuum that has passed stringent testing for soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance retention.



  • Power: 7.0 amp motor
  • Filtration: Allergen
  • Bagged System. Bag type ST
  • For carpet cleaning
  • Container: Disposable Paper dust bag Style ST
  • Dust capacity: 9.5 dry qt.
  • Cleaning path: 12"
  • Cord Length: 50’
  • Motor CFM: 145

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