IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier

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Traffic pollution is worse than you think

Traffic pollution is worse than you think

The air in your car contains a cocktail of toxic fumes and gases that are potentially harmful to your health and the health of those you love. The Atem Car air purifier and its revolutionary HyperHEPA Plus filter use air filtration technology tested and certified to capture a wide range of in-cabin air pollutants, all in a sleek, compact housing designed to blend into any vehicle cabin.

  • HyperHEPA Plus filter removes up to 99% of particles down to 0.003 microns from your vehicle cabin, including PM2.5, CO2, and diesel soot as well as common traffic pollutants like SO2 and Nox
  • Efficient filtration system cleans the air in your car up to 20 times per hour
  • Powerful, efficient, and ultra-quiet multi-phase fan motor allows quiet, constant operation without losing filtration efficacy
  • The 270-degree centrifugal fan draws in-cabin air through 3-stage particle and gaseous filter for maximum removal of harmful air pollutants
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