Beam Q100 Power head

Beam Q100 Power head

  • 25900
  • Save $2000

Beam Q100 Power Head #045056


  • Three levels of height adjustment providing Beam’s highest level of carpet cleaning effectiveness.
  • If you need a light to illuminate your cleaning path, the bright LED lights will do the job.
  • E-Z Change release that lets you disconnect the wand from the powerhead for quick touch-up cleaning.
  • Indicator lights on the powerhead to show the height level you are operating at and a circuit breaker indicator that lights up if the machine is stalled or jammed.
  • A circuit breaker feature that protects the motor in your powerhead if you pick up something you shouldn’t.
  • Dual edge cleaning
  • Poly-v belt that rarely breaks
  • Double brush roller
  • Over-molded wheels for easy gliding on the carpet
  • Steel axle and bearings in the wheels for durability
  • Includes square neck integrated telescoping wand

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